The CIA and "Clay Bertrand"




24 NOV 1967

MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, Domestic Contact Service

ATTENTION: Mr. George S. Musulin

SUBJECT: Garrison Investigation of Kennedy Assassination: Alfred J. MORAN, 201-776772

REFERENCE: Report of DCS office, New Orleans, File no. NO-406-67, 15 November 1967, subject: "Case 49364 - Garrison Investigation"

1. An examination of subject's 201 file has disclosed that he became a DDP asset on or about 15 December 1962. Inquiry about his current status is under way.

2. Under these circumstances it would be useful to have some information to supplement that provided in references.

a. Reference notes that Subject "has had some past dealings with the Agency". Is this statement a reference to his DDP role, mentioned above, or is it based upon contacts with the New Orleans office of the DCS?

b. If the latter, we should be grateful for answers to the usual questions: when did such contacts start, how many occurred, what reports resulted, has contact ceased, and if so what is the terminal date? (We are not referring to personal contacts resulting from Subject's friendship with Mr. Leake but solely to DCS business contacts.

c. If the reference was in the DDP contact, how did Mr. Leake know about it? Did Subject tell him?

d. Did Subject mention which member of Garrison's staff had been in touch with him?

e. Is it known whether Subject knows Garrison personally? Is he favorably disposed toward him, his staff, or his investigation? (Replies should be based on information already available. We are in full agreement with the position taken in para. 4 of reference, according to which Subject was not questioned.)

3. As usual, it is requested that these queries be forwarded to New Orleans separately and without specific reference to the DDP or to components or personnel thereof. It is suggested that the information in para. 1, above, be modified, in the version prepared for New Orleans, to state that subject's 201 shows that he has been in touch with another element of the agency.

Donald E. Pratt


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