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A note on researcher Jonathan Hawthorne

In early 2004 I was contacted by an individual who identified himself as Jonathan Hawthorne, and described himself as a UK-based filmmaker at work on a documentary on the subject of the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. He gave his address as: No. 7 Gordon Mansions, High Street, High Barnet, Hertsfordshire, England EN5 5RT.

Mr. Hawthorne asked if I had a videotape copy of The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Guilty Men, which is unavailable in the United Kingdom. I explained that I had a homemade dub of the show's broadcast on the History Channel, and he asked if he could borrow it. He assured me he would make a copy of it and put my videotape back into the mail to me the same day he received it.

I complied with Mr. Hawthorne's request. I never received my videotape back, and Mr. Hawthorne has not responded to any of my e-mail queries.

I reluctantly post this information to warn researchers that some wariness may be in order should they ever be contacted by Jonathan Hawthorne.

David Reitzes
June 21, 2004


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