Hepburn, James (Pseudonym)

Farewell America, Frontiers Publishers, Vaduz, Leichtenstein, 1968, FIRST EDITION in English, how British and French Intelligence wrote a book about the assassination is a story unto itself: Robert Kennedy privately hired two French and one British former intelligence assets to look into his brother's death and they submitted that report to Bobby Kennedy before his own death. After Kennedy died, these agents hired French journalist Herve Lamarr to take the report and notes and make them readable and salable. No publisher would touch the incendiary manuscript fearing lawsuits from people accused therein so had it translated into French, German and Italian. Finally privately printed in English (10,000 copies only) and distributed through London and Montreal, the 6,000 copies sent to North America were seized by Canadian Customs officials after only 2,000 copies had been distributed. They were auctioned off after spending years in a bonded warehouse. The books are very fragile due to inferior glue used in manufacture and improper storage conditions which causes the hinges to crack, 7/10 in 8/10 dust-wrapper.

Price per copy is U.S. $75.00, shipping included for North American orders. International orders will cost U.S. $90.00 including Air Parcel shipping.

Send your check/cheque or money order to:

Handy Book
1762 Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario
M5M 3Y9

e-mail address: handybook@rogers.com


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