Officer Buddy Walthers, Deputy Sheriff, Dallas County Sheriff's Office

Nov 22, 1963

I was standing at the front entrance of the Dallas Sheriff's Office when the motorcade with President Kennedy passed. I was watching the remainder of the President's party when within a few seconds I heard a retort [sic] and I immediately recognized it to be a rifle shot. I immediately started running west across Houston Street and ran across Elm Street and up into the Railroad [sic] yards. At this time it was not determined if, in fact, this first retort [sic] and 2 succeeding retorts [sic] were of a rifle, however, in my own mind, I knew. Upon reaching the railroad yard and seeing other officers coming, I immediately went to the triple underpass on Elm Street in an effort to locate possible marks left by stray bullets. While I was looking for possible marks, some unknown person stated to me that something had hit his face while he was parked on Main Street, the next lane south from Elm, as the traffic had been stopped for the parade. Upon examining the curb and pavement in this vicinity, I found where a bullet had splattered on the top edge of the curb on Main Street which would place the direction firing high and behind the position the President's car was in when he was shot. Due to the fact that the projectile struck so near the underpass, it was, in my opinion, probably the last shot that was fired and had aparently [sic] went high and above the President's car. At about this time word was passed through the crowd that the President had been shot, as well as Governor Connally. The only building that was likely to have a shot fired from in this area was the Texas School Book Depository Building on the northwest corner of Elm and Houston streets which, by this time, was fast becoming surrounded by police officers. Upon returning to the front of this building, I met Allen Sweatt, Chief Criminal Deputy of the Dallas Sheriff's Office and immediately escorted 5 witnesses to the shooting which he turned over to me and took them to Sheriff Bill Decker's office and placed them in the custody of Deputy Harold Elkins until they could be questioned. At this time Deputy Allen Sweatt told me that a police officer had been killed in [the] Oak Cliff area somewhere on Jefferson Street. . . .


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