Objective cross-correlation analysis of Channel-I and Channel-II recordings demonstrate common signals on both channels. The content of the signal on Channel II (and on Channel I) at the time of the so-called shots indicates that it originated about a minute after the assassination. Using Channel-II "sing-around" brief tones as probing signals, the transfer function between Channel II and Channel I is objectively estimated. Heterodynes on Channel I are demonstrated to reduce the transfer function drastically and to allow it gradually to recover after the heterodyne disappears, demonstrating both the presence of AGC and that the cross-talk was present at the radio receiver and could not possibly have been added later to the audio recording. The notorious "bell sound" is shown to be an electrical disturbance recorded simultaneously on both channels, verifying the derived relative speed and timing of the two channels. Therefore, the so-called "shots" are not the recording of anything at the time of the assassination.



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