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JFK Reports and Documents

The Eyewitnesses

The Prints
New evidence positively identifies Lee Harvey Oswald's fingerprints
on the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle proven to have fired at JFK

Acoustical Evidence Archive

The House Select Committee Report on the Odio Incident

The House Select Committee's Analysis of Jack Ruby's Polygraph Examination

Jack Ruby's Deathbed Interview

Dallas Doings
Some of the most persistent rumors about the assassination stem from "reliable sources" of a most unexpected nature

Tom Alyea, "Facts and Photos"
A report from a crucial Texas School Book Depository witness

Jean Hill and Jim Featherston
Did a conspirator attempt to intimidate a Dealey Plaza eyewitness?

Albert E. Newman on Oswald's Motivation

Gaeton Fonzi on Marita Lorenz

Disinformation and Disbelief
Some as yet unsubstantiated but intriguing information
from Russian defector Vasili Mitrokhin

One Hell of a Gamble
A different perspective on the KGB and the assassination

Rose Cherami file

David Atlee Phillips/"Maurice Bishop" file
Articles and documents pertaining to ex-CIA officer David Atlee Phillips and the allegations that he used the pseudonym "Maurice Bishop" and participated in the JFK assassination

Jerry P. Shinley Archive
Newsgroup posts pertaining to Jim Garrison, Garrison's JFK probe,
and the assassination of JFK

David Blackburst Newsgroup Archive
Newsgroup posts pertaining to Garrison's JFK probe, suspect David Ferrie,
and the assassination of JFK

Dave Reitzes Newsgroup Archive


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