Jerry P. Shinley Archive:
Newsgroup posts pertaining to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison
and the John F. Kennedy assassination



Researcher Jerry P. Shinley regularly supplies the JFK newsgroups alt.assassination.jfk and alt.conspiracy.jfk with archival information pertaining to participants, witnesses and suspects in New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's ill-fated probe of the JFK assassination.


Aaron Kohn on Banister, Martin and Ferrie
Alpha 66, Leftwing?
The Annotated John Manchester
Another Guy Who Never Heard of Clay Bertrand
Anti-Red Congress in Mexico in 1954
Arcacha Smith and the FRD
Arcacha Smith and Three BOP Vets - May, 1961
Arthur Mitchell on Vernon Bundy
Banister & Garrison: Peas in a Pod?
Banister, Eastland and the '56 SISS Hearings
Banister Full-Page Ad Denouncing Chep Morrison
Banister Letter to Willard Robertson
Banister on Organized Crime (1957)
Banister's Agents
Beloved Grand Jury Foreman Revealed as FBI Contact
Bill Davy and Dean Andrews
A Bit About Guy P. Johnson
Boggs, JFK, and International House
BOP Vets Honor Slain President
Brief Review of Walker FBI Files
Bringuier to Garrison re: SCEF, NOCPA
Captain Dean Andrews
Captain Dean Andrews Rides Again
Carlos Bringuier Reminds JFK
Castro on Duran 11/28/1963
Chandler v. Garrison (Part One)
Chandler v. Garrison (Part Two)
Citizens for a Free Cuba Committee
Civil Rights Workers' Reports from Clinton, La.
Clay Shaw at a General Cabell Meeting
Clay Shaw Celebrates UN Day; Delphine Roberts Rants
Clay Shaw on the Soviet Trade War 1958
The Councilor and the Madcap Aviator of Orleans
Criticism of Garrison before 1967
Crusade to Free Cuba
Date of Clinton CORE Voter Registration Drive Discovered?
David Ferrie to EAL 10/30/1961
Dean Andrews and the McCain Case
Dean Andrews and the Wacker Deportation
Dean Andrews Attempts to Help Carlos Marcello
Dean Andrews Breaks up Judge for Marcello
Dean Andrews Drafts Anti-Gambling Ordinance
Dean Andrews, G-Man Wannabe
Dean Andrews' Perjury Conviction Overturned
Delphine Roberts' Very Special 4th of July
Earlier, Longer Ferrie FBI Interview 11/25/63
East Feliciana Officials Listen
Ed Butler and the Information Council of the Americas
Eugene C. Davis Info
FBI New Orleans Airtel on Garrison Case 1/4/67
FBI on Declassification of Ferrie Records in 1967
FBI to Clay Shaw's Lawyer: Drop Dead
FBI Trains Garrison Staffers
Ferenc Nagy, Prisoner of the Gestapo
Ferenc Nagy, Some Web Sites with Info About
Ferrie FBI Interview 11/27/63
Ferrie's 1962 Acquittal in Jefferson Parish
Frank Klein vs Jim Garrison
Garrison Accused of Perjury
Garrison DID Charge Bethell in 1969
Garrison, Haggerty Deny Marcello Links
Garrison Helps LBJ Pay Campaign Debt
Garrison, James Arthus and the Citizens' Council
Garrison Lies about Banister's Files
Garrison, Long, Dodd and Deutsch
Garrison Prosecutes Klan Bombers
Garrison's Case Against Shaw Destroyed
Garrison's Forgotten Chief Investigator
Garrison's Friend, John McKeithen vs. JFK & RFK
Garrison's Lawyer Defends War Powers
Gatlin and Batista
Gene Davis and Clay Bertrand
General Walker Demands Justice
General Walker's New Orleans Links
George Mandel Mantello
George Mantello and the Politics of Genocide
George Mantello Praised by Cong. Schumer 1989
George Mantello, State Department Cable - 1944
George Mantello, World Jewish Congress - 1944
Gordon Novel on Working for NBC
Gordon Novel's Purity Test
Gordon Novel to FBI on Houma 2/20/67
Guy Banister and the Conservative Democratic Org.
Guy Banister and the Free Electors
Guy Banister - As Seen on TV
Guy Banister Collects Smut
Guy Banister, Crusading Publisher
Guy Banister, Leander Perez and Jim Garrison
Guy Banister Retires from FBI
Guy Banister, Willard Robertson, John McKeithen
G. Wray Gill FBI Interview 11/27/63
G. Wray Gill's Chicago Link
Hale Boggs and the United Europe Movement
Herman Kohlman FBI Interview 11/25/63
H. O'Dell on Earl Long's Politics
HSCA Memo on Clay Shaw 9/77 (plus Beckham)
Hypno Russo on Ferrie and Castro
INCA and Juanita Castro
International Trade Mart, 1949
Jack Martin FBI Interviews 11/25 & 11/27/63
Jack Martin Letter to FAA 11/25
Jack N. Rogers: HSCA Interview
James Arthus, Famous Janitor on Eisenhower/Lebanon
JFK's 1962 Trade Embargo against Cuba
Jim Garrison and Leander Perez
Jim Garrison and the Bribe That Wasn't
Jim Garrison and the Murder in the Gaslight Bar
Jim Garrison and the SCEF Raids
(Re:) Jim Garrison and the SCEF Raids
Jim Garrison on Aaron Kohn
Jim Garrison on Judge Edward Haggerty
Jim Garrison on Thomas Bethell
Jim Garrison Protects Rights - Once
Jim Garrison vs the ACLU
Joe Molina, Bill Lowery and John Stanford
John Rarick vs. Earl Warren
Joseph Cambre: HSCA Interview
Judge Bernard Bagert on Grand Juries
Judge John Minor Wisdom on the SCEF Raid
(Re:) Jules Ricco Kimble and the MLK case
KGB Recruitment Standards: The Foss Case
Kent Courtney: HSCA Interview
A Lesson in Law and Order from John Manchester
LHO and Dean Andrews on Proof of Citizenship
L. P. Davis, Backer of Garrison and Banister
Lt. Francis Martello Fingers SCEF
Major Russell Willie: HSCA Interview
Mary Banister: NODA and HSCA Interviews Maurice Gatlin and Cuba
Maurice Gatlin and Guatemala '53 - '54
Maurice Gatlin for Congress
Maurice Gatlin Helps out the FBI
Maurice Gatlin's Obituary
Monk Zelden and Mrs. Frank Costello
Monk Zelden Said Marguerite Called Him
1967 Cleveland Press Article on Ferrie
NOCPA Peace March
NODA Investigates Junior High Subversion
N. O. Honors Returning Bay of Pigs Vets
NO Lawyers Endorse Garrison
No Record of Shaw FBI Investigaton in New Orleans
NOTP Coverage of Habighorst 07-08/68
Novel to FBI on Meetings with Garrison 2/21, 22/67
Novel v. Garrison
NY Times on Ferenc Nagy
Original Pontchartrain Raid Lead
Origins of La. Un-American Activities Committee
Oswald and CORE
The Paradox of Jim Garrison
Perry Russo L-I-E-S Under Oath
Plot to Kill Guy Banister???
Political Triumphs of W. Guy Banister
Prince Bernhard Visits the ITM
Pro-Garrison Advertisement 3/18/69
Putting the Hat on Clay Shaw
QK/ENCHANT: Non-issue?
Robert Surrey and the ANP
Ross Banister: HSCA Interview
Russo to the Grand Jury on Castro, Ferrie, JFK
Sam Newman and the OPA
The SCEF's Complaint against Garrison et. al.
The SCEF's Position in NO
Sen. Thomas Dodd Lauds Jim Garrison and Ed Butler
Shaw's Fingerprint Cards
Skating on Thin Ice
Sketchy, Biased Notes on Garrison's Bribery Trial
Smith, Taylor, Bergstresser, Dymond & Benton
Some Activities of Banister's Agents
Some FBI Documents on Clay Shaw
Some Information About Clinton, La.
Some Material Relating to Thomas Edward Beckham
Summers vs. Summers on Braden & Ferrie
Suspension of Gordon Novel
Techniques of Domestic Intelligence Collection
Tenuous Thornley-Nagell Connection
Thomas Beckham and a Seized Ship
Thomas Bethell: Biographical Sketch from CA
Those Darn Guest Registers
Three Smoking Guns?
Time-Life Exec Gives Cold War Speech at ITM 1948
Tom Bethell and Ed Epstein
U-2 Public Announcement in 1956
Uncle Dutz' Religious Retreat
U.S. Spy School in Japan Denied
Why Did Garrison Call a Preliminary Hearing?
William Gaudet and Mississippi Shipping
William Gaudet's Obituary
Wm. Turner on Jm. Garrison's Politics
WOD, RFK, CIA, USSR - 1955
WSJ Article on Clinton, La. 8/27/65


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