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Subject: Banister's Agents
Date: Fri, Dec 4, 1998 16:45 EST
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   The following are some citations from the New Orleans Times-Picayune relating to some activities of George Higginbotham and Thomas Baumler, who have been identified as agents for Guy Banister. I suspect Baumler was the chess-playing lawyer JG mentions in OTTOTA.
May 23, 1962 S2-P6
Legal Gambling in La. Proposed
School Lunch, Book Program Cuts Opposed
Civic Forum, George Higginbotham, chairman
some members were part of Richard Dowling's campaign
proposes abolishing State Sovereignty Commission
July 12, 1962 S1-P30
Group to Help Boggs Formed
Higginbotham Chairman of Volunteers
"Volunteers for Boggs"
George Higginbotham, Fred Schulman, Frank C. Carey, Tommy Baumler and Murray Work. Represent committee of university professors.
July 27, 1962 S1-P13
AD: Hale Boggs, long list of supporters
Tommy Baumler, George Higginbotham
July 27, 1962 S2-P2
Forum Asks Big Vote; for Boggs
Civic Forum, George Higginbotham
Sept 9, 1972 S1-P9
Baumler Joins Assessor Race
Opposes Creation of CBD Tax District
Thomas Jude Baumler, jr. 37
De La Salle High School
St. Joseph's seminary in Covington
Loyola Law Degree
associate prof of economics at Loyola
" " " political science and history at Xavier
American Association of Political Scientists
New Orleans Chess Club
American Association of Ethical Hypnotists[!]
Jerry Shinley

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