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Who's Who in the Jim Garrison Case

Jim Garrison's New Orleans Photo Gallery

Who Speaks for Clay Shaw?
The late Clay L. Shaw remains the only person in history to ever stand trial for the crime of conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. The jury acquitted him, but was he really innocent?

Clay Shaw trial transcript (alphabetical by witness)

Clay Shaw trial transcript (chronological)

David Ferrie: Presumed Guilty
In defense of one of Jim Garrison's primary suspects

Selected articles and newsgroup posts
on the death of David Ferrie

Impeaching Clinton
Does solid eyewitness testimony link Oswald to some of Jim Garrison's suspects?

Dean Andrews and the Search for "Clay Bertrand"
Documents, transcripts and articles

Clay Shaw preliminary hearing transcript

Orleans Parish Grand Jury testimony

Transcript, NBC News
The JFK Conspiracy: The Case of Jim Garrison
Broadcast June 19, 1967

Milton Brener on Jim Garrison's early conduct in office

Milton Brener on the New Orleans Grand Jury

James Kirkwood on the New Orleans Grand Jury

Interviews with NODA personnel, suspects and witnesses

Jim Garrison's prime witness, Perry Raymond Russo:
A chronology

Life editor Richard Billings' journal
Based on consultations and interviews with Jim Garrison and his staff

US District Court civil action, Clay L. Shaw v. Jim Garrison, 1971
Decision of Judge Herbert Christenberry

Jerry P. Shinley Archive
Newsgroup posts pertaining to Jim Garrison, Garrison's JFK probe,
and the assassination of JFK

David Blackburst Newsgroup Archive
Newsgroup posts pertaining to Garrison's JFK probe, suspect David Ferrie,
and the assassination of JFK

Dave Reitzes Newsgroup Archive

Jim Garrison Audio Resources

Rose Cherami file

Oliver Stone's JFK: Cast Members Speak Out

Response to Garrison advocate Bill Davy

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