Jim Garrison's prime witness, Perry Raymond Russo:
A chronology

Perry Raymond Russo was New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's prime witness against Clay L. Shaw. The following is a chronological menu of statements, interviews, and testimony of Russo's available on-line, as well as a handful of analyses from NODA insiders. You will need to use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.


Interview with Jim Kemp, WDSU-TV
February 24, 1967

Interview with Bill Bankston, Baton Rouge Morning Advocate
February 24, 1967

Interview with New Orleans Assistant DA Andrew Sciambra
February 25, 1967

Sodium Pentothal session with DA's Office, Mercy Hospital
February 27, 1967

First hypnosis session with DA's Office
March 1, 1967

Interview with John Korbell, WVUE-TV, and Doug Ramsey, WDSU-TV
March 1, 1967

Third hypnosis session with DA's Office
March 12, 1967

Clay Shaw preliminary hearing testimony
March 14-16, 1967

An analysis of Russo's preliminary hearing testimony

New Orleans Grand Jury testimony
March 22, 1967

New Orleans Grand Jury testimony
March 27, 1967

Conversations with James Phelan
Spring 1967

Second attempted polygraph examination
June 19, 1967

Observations by Richard Billings

Tom Bethell and Richard Billings on Perry Russo and Andrew Sciambra

Clay Shaw trial testimony
February 10-11, 1969

Interview with James Kirkwood
March 1969

Interview with Clay Shaw defense team
January 26, 1971

Interview with Will Robinson and Marilyn Colman, 1992

Interview with William Matson Law, 1993

An in-depth analysis of Russo's story

NBC interview with Don Jordan, former friend of Perry Russo


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