Dave Reitzes Newsgroup Archive:
Newsgroup posts pertaining to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison
and the John F. Kennedy assassination



Albert E. Newman on Oswald's Motivation
Buell Wesley Frazier Dissents
The CIA and "Clay Bertrand"
"Clay Bertrand"
"Clay Bertrand": New evidence from eyewitness William R. Livesay
Clay Shaw and CIA Project QK/ENCHANT: No Connection
Clay Shaw Gets His Footnote
David Ferrie in Dallas?
David Ferrie's Library Card and Lee Harvey Oswald
Dr. George Lundberg on Autopsy Pathologist James J. Humes, et al
Echoes of Conspiracy: Paul Hoch on Oliver Stone and Jim Garrison
Evolution of a Garrison Lie
Exploring the Unknown
Gordon Novel: CIA Agent or Con Artist?
HSCA Suppresses Garrison's Evidence
Jack Ruby Blows the Lid off the Conspiracy
JFK, Allen Dulles and the CIA
Jim Garrison and Mark Lane vs. the CIA
Jim Garrison and the Three Judges
Jim Garrison -- Perjurer
Jim Garrison's Harshest Critics: Conspiracy Theorists on Big Jim
Jim Garrison Should Resign
Jim Garrison vs. Robert F. Kennedy
Looking for "Clay Bertrand"
Mantik's Antics
Milton Brener on Dean Andrews
The New Orleans Grand Jury
One Man Against the Conspiracy
Oswald and the Sports Drome Rifle Range
Oswald in Alice, Texas: A Comparison to the Clinton Witnesses
Perry Russo -- Admitted Perjurer
Rumors of "Clay Bertrand"
Seeing is Believing?
Selected Newsgroup Posts on the Death of David Ferrie
Solemn Journey
TUM Gordon Novel and His Lawyer, Jim Garrison
Vernon Bundy, Garrison Witness
Was Jack Ruby a Gunrunner? - The Testimony of Nancy Perrin Rich
Walter Sheridan's Louisiana Hayride
Walter Sheridan, Spook?
Was There a "Clay Bertrand"?


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