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The Trial of Clay L. Shaw

On March 1, 1967, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison arrested businessman Clay Lavergne Shaw on the charge of conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Precisely two years later, Shaw was acquitted. Clay Shaw is the only individual ever prosecuted for conspiracy to assassinate JFK. Here is testimony from the historic Shaw trial, along with other resources.


Dallas witnesses

Wilma Bond
Richard Randolph Carr
Roger Craig
Pierre Finck
Buell Wesley Frazier
Robert Frazier
Billy Joe Martin
Mary Moorman
Frances Gayle Newman
William Newman
John Nichols
Herbert Orth
Ruth Paine
Marina Oswald Porter
Peter Schuster
Lyndal Shaneyfelt
James Simmons
Elizabeth Carolyn Walton
Robert West
Phil Willis
Mrs. Phil Willis
Abraham Zapruder
Abraham Zapruder, resumed

New Orleans witnesses

Dean Andrews
Charles Appel
Jeff Biddison
Vernon Bundy (summary)
Lloyd Cobb
Arthur Davis
Eugene Davis (summary)
Mrs. Jessie Garner
James Hardiman
Richard Jackson
Regis Kennedy
Rex Kommer
Robert Link
Elizabeth McCarthy
Goldie Naomie Moore
Lt. Edward O'Donnell
Mrs. Jessie Parker (summary)
James Phelan
Rowland Charles Rolland
Perry Raymond Russo
Perry Raymond Russo, resumed
Joseph Ryan
Andrew Sciambra
Clay Shaw
Clay Shaw, resumed
Charles Spiesel (summary)
Nicholas Tadin
Mrs. Nicholas Tadin

Testimony and arguments in connection
with the arrest record of Clay Shaw

(witnesses listed in order of appearance)

Assistant DA Louis W. Ivon
Captain Louis Curole
Assistant DA Louis W. Ivon
Officer Aloysius Habighorst
Captain Louis J. Curole
Sgt. Jonas J. Butzman
Officer John N. Perkins, Jr.
Edward F. Wegmann
Salvatore Panzeca
Clay L. Shaw
Arguments over admissibility

The Clinton witnesses
(in order of appearance)

Edwin Lea McGehee
Reeves Morgan
John Manchester
Henry Earl Palmer
Corrie Collins
William E. Dunn, Sr.
Mrs. Bobbie Dedon
Mrs. Maxine Kemp

Statements, arguments and rulings

Preliminary motions
Opening arguments by Jim Garrison for the State
Opening arguments by Irvin Dymond for the defense
Arguments and ruling concerning a directed verdict
Closing arguments by James Alcock for the State
Closing arguments by Alvin Oser for the State
Closing arguments by Irvin Dymond for the defense
Rebuttal arguments by James Alcock for the State
Rebuttal arguments by Alvin Oser for the State
Closing summation by Jim Garrison for the State
Judge Edward Haggerty's charge to the jury
The verdict


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