The verdict in the trial of Clay Shaw




THE COURT: The jury has returned. Gentlemen, have you arrived at a verdict? Don't state what it is, just say yes or no.

(The Foreman nodded affirmatively.)

THE COURT: Sheriff, will you give it to me, please.

(Verdict handed to the Court.)

THE COURT: Stand up, Mr. Shaw.

Mr. Clerk, you may read it, sir.

THE CLERK: (Reading) "March 1, 1969, New Orleans, Louisiana.

"We the Jury find the defendant not guilty."

THE BAILIFF: Order in court, please.

THE COURT: Read the rest of it.

THE CLERK: Signed "Sidney J. Herbert, Jr."

THE COURT: Does the State wish to poll the Jury?


THE COURT: The State has not requested a poll of the jury, so let the verdict be recorded as a legal verdict. Will you just have a seat, Mr. Shaw. I will order you discharged without date; I would like you to just have a seat until I get rid of the jury.

Sheriff, I have the discharge certificates for the twelve jurymen, and I have put a memorandum of service January 21 to March 1, and this will be a memento of your service, and I am further writing an order to the Jury Commissioners ordering your names removed from the wheel for the rest of your lives.

Now on behalf of all concerned I want to thank you citizens for having discharged such an onerous burden without cost to the City. Let everybody have a seat, Sheriff, and let the jurors be escorted out of the court.

Quiet, please.

Gentlemen of the Jury, you are herewith discharged from the case, and I thank you for your citizenship. Let the jurors leave first, and after they leave then the press can leave after that.

This court stands adjourned until next Wednesday morning, March 5.

.... Thereupon, at or about 1:15 o'clock a.m., the proceedings herein were concluded ....


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