Rose Cherami

Evidence relating to Rose Cherami (commonly misspelled Cheramie), alleged eyewitness to conspiracy in the John F. Kennedy assassination

The woman known to assassination researchers as "Rose Cheramie"


"Woman Lying On Highway Fatally Hurt," September 9, 1965

Statement of A. H. Magruder, February 23, 1967

Memorandum to Jim Garrison from Frank E. Meloche, February 25, 1967

Memorandum to Jim Garrison from Frank Meloche, March 13, 1967

Francis Frugé report, April 4, 1967

Memorandum to Louis Ivon from Frank Meloche, May 22, 1967

Excerpt from George Rennar Interview with William Wood, a.k.a. Bill Boxley, 1971

Rose Cheramie: Staff Report of the Select Committee on Assassinations, 1979

Letter from Donn E. Bowers to Robert Dorff, 2003

Cherami's Louisiana Arrest Record

Cherami's FBI Arrest Record


Analysis of Cherami story

More on the Cherami story, in the context of Jim Garrison's investigation


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