Rose Cherami


The woman known to assassination researchers as "Rose Cheramie"



March 13, 1967




On February 25, 1967, I had occasion to investigate one ROSE CHERAMI, a white female. On November 20, 1963, ROSE CHERAMI was picked up by LT. FRANCIS FRUGE of the Louisiana State Police on Highway 190 near Eunice, Louisiana. Subject was suppose [sic] to have been thrown from a vehicle by two white males. ROSE CHERAMI was brought to the Moosa Hospital in Eunice, Louisiana, for treatment and then returned to the Eunice jail where she was suspected of having narcotics withdrawals. Assistant Coroner of St. Landry Parish, Dr. F. J. DeROUEN, was called in and he gave ROSE a sedative and later had to be called again when she became violent, stripped herself of her clothing, and cut her ankles. Dr. DeROUEN agreed to commit ROSE to Jackson (East Louisiana State Hospital). ROSE was brought to Jackson in an ambulance from Charity Hospital in Lafayette accompanied by a Eunice Police Officer. ROSE remained in confinement until November 26, 1963. It was during this time between the 20th and 26th of November, 1963, that DR. VICTOR J. WEISS, JR., of San Antonio, Texas, was house psychiatrist in Jackson. WEISS stated that during her stay at Jackson, ROSE had told him that she knew both RUBY and OSWALD and had seen them sitting together on occasions at Ruby's club. When asked about the statement that MR. A. H. MAGRUDER had given to me he (MAGRUDER) states that she told DR. WEISS that the President and other Texas public officials were going to be killed on their visit to Dallas. DR. WEISS states that he doesn't recall whether this was told to him before or after the assassination.

On November 26, 1963, LT. FRUGE was notified by DR. WEISS that ROSE CHERAMI had completed her withdrawals and he could now talk with her. She gave LT. FRUGE some information about a narcotic ring working between Louisiana and Houston. ROSE CHERAMI was released to CAPTAIN BEN MORGAN and LT. FRUGE of the State Police and ANNE DIECHLER [sic](1) of the Revenue Division, and flew to Houston for further investigation of narcotics. While in flight, ROSE CHERAMI picked up a newspaper with headlines of RUBY killing OSWALD and further on down in the newspaper it stated where RUBY denied ever knowing or seeing OSWALD in his life. ROSE CHERAMI laughed and stated to LT. FRUGE that RUBY and OSWALD were very good friends. They had been in the club (RUBY'S) together and also stated that RUBY and OSWALD were bed partners. Upon arrival at Houston she again repeated this story to CAPTAIN MORGAN. When asked to talk to the Federal authorities about this, she refused and stated that she did not want to get involved in this mess. All information on narcotic ring that was given to LT. FRUGE by ROSE CHERAMI was true and good information. ROSE was left in Houston and LT. FRUGE reported back to Louisiana.

On March 6, 1967, I met LT. FRUGE in Houston and continued a search for ROSE CHERAMI. A thorough search was made of Houston and Dallas, checking first on her mother, MRS. THOMAS J. YOUNGBLOOD, residing at 125 Carby Road, Houston, Texas. Subject, MRS. YOUNGBLOOD, had moved from there to places unknown about two years ago. A further check revealed that MRS. MORRIS WALL, 3626 La Joya Drive, Dallas, Texas, is the sister of ROSE CHERAMI. I contacted MRS. WALL and was informed that on September 4, 1965, ROSE was hit by a car and killed outside of Gladewater, Texas, while walking on Highway 155 approximately one and one-half miles East of Big Sandy, Texas, at about 2:00 AM. Under Texas law I was unable to obtain a copy of the accident report. I verified the above accident and death through LT. SHAWLS of the State Police. The investigator [sic] officer was Texas State Trooper J. A. ANDREWS, 918 Sucess Street, Gilmer, Texas, telephone TI 3-2654. The driver of the vehicle was JERRY DON MOORE, 1425 E. Erwin Street, Tyler, Texas.



1. Anne Hundley Dischler was not part of the 1963 Cherami investigation. (See for example Jim Olivier's interview with Anne Hundley Dischler, JFK November in Dallas Conference 2006 DVD, JFK Lancer Co.)


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