The Jim Garrison Investigation:


"Hang On, Mister!"
Profile of Clay Shaw by James Kirkwood
Esquire, December 1968

FBI Interview of David Ferrie, November 25, 1963

FBI Interview of David Ferrie, November 27, 1963

Interview with David Ferrie, February 18, 1967
New Orleans District Attorney's Office

FBI Interviews with Jack Martin, November 25 and 27, 1963

James Kirkwood's interview with Assistant DA James Alcock

James Kirkwood's interview with James Phelan

James Kirkwood's interview with Perry Raymond Russo

James Kirkwood's interview with Miguel Torres

Clay Shaw: The Penthouse Interview

House Select Committee Interview of Aaron Kohn

FBI interviews with Gordon Novel, February 21-22, 1967

NBC interview with Al Beauboeuf

Transcript of the alleged attempted bribery of Al Beauboeuf

NODA interview with Rancier Blaise Ehlinger,
eyewitness to burglary of armaments in Houma, Louisiana

NBC interview with Don Jordan, former friend of Perry Russo

Rose Cherami file

Richard Case Nagell, Report of Psychiatric Examination
US Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons
June 17, 1966


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