Conspiracy in New Orleans?

I got bitten by the conspiracy bug when I saw Oliver Stone's JFK in 1991. The problem is that, even by Hollywood standards, Stone's film takes liberties with the facts. Oliver Stone's Jim Garrison (portrayed by Kevin Costner) is a seeker of truth and justice arrayed against forces he can barely comprehend. How accurate is that image? You be the judge.

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Who Speaks for Clay Shaw? New Orleans businessman Clay L. Shaw is the only individual ever tried for conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. Was he guilty? This article scrutinizes every last scrap of evidence put forward against him. You've seen the movie; now see the reality.
Fair Play for Clay Shaw? Does new evidence condemn Clay Shaw? Is it true that Shaw worked for the CIA? Let's see what the evidence shows.
Impeaching Clinton Did a bevy of rock-solid witnesses link accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to defendant Clay Shaw and Garrison suspect David Ferrie (memorably portrayed in JFK by Joe Pesci)? See the evidence for yourself.
Camp Street Blues Remember Guy Banister, the figure played in JFK by Ed Asner? Did Oswald secretly work for him? Does hard evidence link Oswald to Banister's office? Here's the 411.
Tortured Connection Jim Garrison claimed that he discovered a link between David Ferrie and Jack Ruby, and many conspiracy books have built upon this story. Is it true?
Truth or Dare: The Lives and Lies of Richard Case Nagell Garrison once called Richard Case Nagell "the most important witness there is." Was he really?
Lee Oswald: Space Cadet? One of Jim Garrison's stranger claims, but another that has been picked up by countless conspiracy books, involves a purported link between the alleged assassin and NASA. Was Garrison orbiting the truth, or was he just lost in space?
Long Division: One Researcher, Ten Months, and Two Oswalds A look at how an understanding of Jim Garrison's methods changed my mind about an unrelated theory.
Also, check out what happens when two disciples of Big Jim mistake his theories for evidence . . .

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Garrison Ripples Does Garrison's case bolster the theories of Ray and Mary La Fontaine's Oswald Talked?
Twelve Steps to Conspiracy How reliable is the La Fontaines' methodology to begin with? Does their research affirm their self-proclaimed status as "serious journalists" or -- to use another term of theirs -- are they just two more "buffs" peddling speculation?

And don't miss this article of mine on another subject:

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Nowhere Man: The Strange Story of Gordon Arnold A detailed look at an alleged Grassy Knoll witness


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