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The JFK 100

One Hundred Errors of Fact and Judgment
in Oliver Stone's JFK

by Dave Reitzes



JFK, Oliver Stone's controversial movie on the murder of President John F. Kennedy, championed the assassination probe of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, and accused elements of the federal government of conspiracy in JFK's death.

But whether one believes that a conspiracy took the President's life or not, how trustworthy and accurate is the information presented in Stone's film?

The JFK 100 details one hundred of the most egregious errors in Stone's film, presented roughly in order of appearance.


1. The Prediction of Rose Cherami
2. Guy Banister Pistol-Whips Jack Martin
3. David Ferrie Becomes a Suspect
4. David Ferrie Interrogated
5. Who Was David Ferrie?
6. Senator Russell Long Summarizes the Assassination
7. Eyewitness Lee Bowers
8. Who Was Jack Martin?
9. 544 Camp Street
10. Who Was Guy Banister?
11. Witness Delphine Roberts
12. Clay Shaw at Guy Banister's office
13. Was There a "Clay Bertrand"?
14. Dean Andrews and "Clay Bertrand"
15. Who Was Dean Andrews?
16. Clay Shaw Identified as Clay Bertrand
17. Who Was Clay Shaw?
18. Who Is "Willie O'Keefe"?
19. Stone's Portrayal of Marina Oswald
20. Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
21. "Bill and Janet Williams"
22. Oswald's "Backyard Photos" Faked
23. Oswald's Note to FBI Agent Hosty
24. Eyewitness Bill Newman
25. Eyewitness J. C. Price
26. Smoke on the Grassy Knoll
27. Eyewitness Jean Hill
28. Eyewitness Julia Ann Mercer
29. Beverly Oliver
30. Who Was Jack Ruby?
31. Jack Ruby's Warren Commission Testimony
32. Jack Ruby Injected with Cancer
33. The Timing of the Shots
34. A Change in the Motorcade Route
35. Lee Harvey Oswald Impersonated
36. Jim Garrison Interrogates Clay Shaw
37. Clay Shaw and the CIA
38. Clay Shaw's Orgy with David Ferrie
39. Garrison's Probe Leaked to the Press
40. "I'm a Dead Man!"
41. David Ferrie Confesses
42. Ferrie and Eladio del Valle
43. A Meeting at the DA's office
44. The Death of David Ferrie
45. Convenient and Mysterious Deaths
46. The District Attorney's Office Bugged
47. The Mystery Man, "X"
48. The New Zealand Newspaper
49. The Secret Service
50. "Nothing Was Left to Chance"
51. JFK and Vietnam
52. Kennedy and the CIA
53. "Why?"
54. "General Y"
55. "The Organizing Principle of Any Society Is for War"
56. LBJ and Vietnam
57. "You Don't Have a Choice Anymore"
58. Clay Shaw Admits an Alias
59. Attorney General Designate Ramsey Clark Makes a Statement
60. NBC's White Paper on Garrison's Probe
61. Newsweek Fabricates a Story
62. Reprisals against Garrison
63. The Witnesses from Clinton, Louisiana
64. The Vanished Telex
65. "Bill Broussard"
66. "The Jerry Johnson Show"
67. Witness Vernon Bundy
68. Judge Haggerty and Officer Habighorst
69. Clay Shaw, Perjurer
70. Time-Life and the Zapruder Film
71. Eyewitness James Tague
72. The Single Bullet Theory
73. 51 Grassy Knoll Witnesses
74. "26 Trained Medical Personnel at Parkland Hospital"
75. The President's Autopsy
76. Evidence Destroyed and Suppressed
77. The Epileptic in Dealey Plaza
78. Unknown Workmen Laying New Floor
79. "The Umbrella Man"
80. "Badge Man"
81. "The Easiest Shot"
82. The First Shot
83. The Second Shot
84. The Third Shot
85. The Fourth Shot
86. The Fifth Shot ("Back and to the Left")
87. The Sixth Shot
88. Phony Secret Service Agents
89. Others Arrested in Dealey Plaza
90. Oswald's Alibi
91. Two Men on the Sixth Floor of the Book Depository
92. The Shooting of Officer Tippit
93. Arrest at the Texas Theatre
94. Oswald in Custody
95. Suppressed Investigative Files
96. The Jury Convinced of Conspiracy
97. An Admission from Richard Helms
98. "As of 1991, the Justice Department Has Done Nothing"
99. Stone's Portrayal of Jim Garrison
100. Stone's Portrayal of John F. Kennedy

Copyright © 2001-2012 by David Reitzes


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