David Blackburst Archive
Newsgroup posts pertaining to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison
and the John F. Kennedy assassination



Researcher David Blackburst has conducted an extensive investigation of the New Orleans connection to the JFK assassination. His newsgroup posts to alt.assassination.jfk and alt.conspiracy.jfk have been invaluable in helping sort out fact from fiction regarding this intriguing subject.


About David Blackburst
Bay of Pigs Declassified
Bill Davy 1 - Shaw and Cabell
Bill Davy 2 - 531 Lafayette St.
Bill Davy 3 - Ferrie and the CAP
Bill Davy 4 - Ferrie's Scar
Captain Ferrie and Captain Eddie
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James Lewallen and Dante Marochini
Jim Garrison and Joe McCarthy
JFK Shot from the Rear
Lisa Pease vs. David Blackburst
Media Coverage of the Arrest of Oswald
Melvin Coffey
New Book on Cuba
NOPD and Ferrie Investigation
Oswald and Ferrie in the CAP - 1955
Oswald and the FBI
Presumption of Innocence
Raymond Broshears
Robert Morrow's First Hand Knowledge
Sergio Arcacha Smith Background
The Single Bullet Theory: Reasonable Doubt?
"Six Seconds" Paradox
Thoughts on Clinton/Jackson
The Truth About David Ferrie
Warren Commission and Second Shot Miss
What is a "Patsy"?
Witnesses to First-Shot Miss
Zapruder Film on DVD

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