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Thomas Bethell: Biographical Sketch from CA



Subject: Thomas Bethell : Biographical Sketch from CA
Date: 23 Jan 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Contemporary Authors
Gale Research Company, Detroit, 1979.
Volumes 77-80 (old series)
Bethell, Tom 1940 -
PERSONAL: Born July 17, 1940, in London, England; came to the United
                         States in 1962, naturalized citizen, 1974; son of Peter Paul
                         (an editor) and Pauline (Carlile) Bethell.
       Education : Attended Royal Naval College, 1954-58;
                         Trinity College, Oxford, MA, 1962.
       Politics : Conservative.
       Religion : Roman Catholic.
       Residence : Washington, D.C.
       Office : Harper's, 2 Park Ave., New York, NY 10016
CAREER : Mathematics teacher at private prepatory school in
                         Virginia, 1962-65;
                         did jazz research in New Orleans, La., 1965-67;
                         worked with New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison on
                         JFK assassination investigation, 1967-68;
                         engaged in jazz research and writing, 1969-71;
                         managing editor of New Orleans magazine;
                         associate editor of New Orleans Courier, 1972-74;
                         Washington Monthly, Washington, D.C., editor 1975-76;
                         Harper's, New York, NY, Washington editor, 1976-
                         Military Service: Royal Navy, 1954-58
WRITINGS : _George Lewis : A Jazzman from New Orleans_,
                                     University of California Press, 1977.

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