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Monk Zelden Said Marguerite Oswald Called Him



Subject: Monk Zelden Said Marquerite Called Him
Date: 7/21/00 7:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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Houston Post March 3, 1967 S1-P1

Shaw-Oswald Metting Claimed
DA Says Informant Given Truth Serum

From Post News Services


       [Dean] Andrews spent more than two hours in Garrison's office Thursday [2nd] night along with his attorney, Sam Monk Zelden of New Orleans. When they emerged from the office, Zelden told Andrews not to answer questions.

       "We have tried to co-operate in an effort to reach the truth," Zelden said.

       In Andrews Warren Commission testimony he said he called Zelden on the Sunday after the assassination and asked him if he would go to Dallas and represent Oswald. Andrews was hospitalized with pneumonia at the time.

       "Mrs. Marguerite Oswald called me," Zelden said outside Garrison's office. Zelden gave this same information to the Warren Commission. [?] Mrs. Oswald, Lee's mother, denies making any such call.

       Zelden said neither he nor Andrews personally knew Clay Betrand. "We don't even know Mr. Shaw."


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