David Atlee Phillips and "Maurice Bishop"

David Atlee Phillips (right) and the composite sketch
of Antonio Veciana's "Maurice Bishop" (left)


Articles and documents pertaining to ex-CIA officer David Atlee Phillips and the allegations that he used the pseudonym "Maurice Bishop" and participated in the JFK assassination


David Atlee Phillips
"The Man Nobody Bothered to Call"

Columbia Journalism Review
January-February 1987

Libel Suit Ends
Statement of retraction from Donald Freed, Fred Landis, et al.
Publishers Weekly
April 18, 1986

Resolution of Phillips's lawsuit against the London Observer
October 7, 1986

The House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)
on Antonio Veciana Blanch and "Maurice Bishop"

Jerry McNally Interviews Ross Crozier ("Ron Cross")


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