FBI Interview with Dr. J. D. Andrews
Warren Commission Exhibit No. 2899. p. 1
Warren Commission Hearings Vol. XXVI, p. 355


DATE 12-6-63


Dr. J. D. ANDREWS, Hotel Dieu Hospital, advised that he treated Mr. DEAN ANDREWS at the hospital from November 20, 1963, until he was discharged on November 29, 1963, and recalls that Mr. ANDREWS was kept under heavy sedation for the first four days at the hospital and did not believe Mr. ANDREWS was capable of using the telephone during that time.

Dr. ANDREWS telephonically gave authority to the Hospital Librarian to furnish information to the FBI from Mr. ANDREWS' records.

On 12-6-63 at New Orleans, Louisiana File #NO 89-69
by SA RICHARD BUCARO :lav Date dictated 12-6-63


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