Commission Exhibit No. 2108

Date: 1/28/64

Mr. F. LEE MUDD, Route 1, Box 109, Keithville, Louisiana; advised as follows:

On November 22, 1963, he was in Dallas, Texas, on a business trip to purchase clothing for his store. He operates the Southside Ranch, 8066 Mansfield Road, Shreveport, Louisiana, a western store. While in Dallas he decided to watch the parade for President KENNEDY. At about noon he was watching the parade from a position on the north side of Elm Street and some 75 to 100 feet west of a building, which he later learned was the Texas School Book Depository. He saw the President's car approaching from the east on Elm Street in the parade, and he recognized President KENNEDY and saw him waving to the crowd. When the President's car was some 50 or more feet away from him, he heard what sounded to him like two gunshots, and he saw the President slump. Immediately thereafter, he observed the President's car pull out of the line of the parade and continue west on Elm Street toward the underpass. When the President's car came abreast of MUDD, he could see the President slumped down toward his wife, who was leaning over him. He recalled seeing another man in the car, whom he did not recognize at the time but whom he later learned was Governor CONNALLY and this man appeared to be holding one arm to his side. However, he did not notice this man much because his attention was focused on the President.

Mr. MUDD stated he definitely recalls hearing two shots, probably less than a second apart. He said there may have been a third shot fired, but he could not be sure of this. He stated that immediately after the shots were fired, some of the spectators along the side of the street dropped to the ground, and he did so himself, inasmuch as the shots alarmed him and he did not know what had happened or where the shots had come from. He looked around him, and he recalled that in looking toward the building nearby, he noticed several broken windows on about the fourth floor, and the thought occurred to him that possibly the shots had been fired through these broken windows. However, he did not observe any smoke, nor did he see anyone at the windows, nor did he notice any motion within the building. He said the building appeared to be abandoned. Subsequent to the shooting, he did not notice anyone enter or leave the building. Mr. MUDD stated that when the shots were fired, they sounded as if they came from the direction of the building.

Mr. MUDD stated that he remained in the vicinity for possibly three or four minutes, after which he walked back toward the main part of town, where he had parked his car. He did not remain to talk to police or Secret Service men because be did not feel he had seen anything that would be of assistance to them.

Mr. MUDD said he was not with anyone else at the time this occurred. He said he later made another trip to Dallas, accompanied by his wife, and he showed her the place where the assassination occurred, and he observed the Texas School Book Depository building, and he is confident this is the same building he was standing near at the time of the assassination. Mr. MUDD said he could furnish no further information regarding this matter.


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