The CIA and "Clay Bertrand"




30 November 1967

TO: New Orleans

FROM: Office of General Counsel

CITE: Headquarters

REF. NO-406-67

1. Most interested para 3 of reference which states conversation between Hunter C. Leake and Alfred S. Moran on the Garrison matter. Agree with Hunter's desire to question Moran further. Since Moran has in past always been most helpful and cooperative with the agency, we believe in this case an exception might be made to the caveat on discussing the Clay Shaw case. It makes no sense for Clay Shaw to use the name Clem Bertrand at such a meeting so we assume they were two different people, but if Moran could confirm this it might be a very important point.

Would it be possible for Hunter to inquire casually of Moran along this line? If so, we have means of getting this information on to Dymond for use in preparing Shaw case without involving Hunter or Agency.

Lawrence R. Houston
General Counsel
Releasing Official


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