NODA Interview of R. M. (Prentiss) Davis, March 9, 1967


On March 9, 1967 PRENTISS M DAVIS was interviewed and advised that he retired temporarily from the US Army in 1960. He stated that he went to work for DEAN ANDREWS in 1961 when ANDREWS had his office in the Maison Blanche building. He stated that his duties for ANDREWS were sort of "bulldogging". He stated that he had investigated auto accidents, criminal investigations, and traced down genealogy. He stated he did all types of investigating for Mr. Andrews. He stated further that EVE SPRINGER who resides on Henry Clay Ave. was the secretary at the time he became employed by ANDREWS.

DAVIS stated when questioned about the identities of the homosexuals ANDREWS represented that "he could say that he did conduct an investigation on homosexuals for ANDREWS, but at this time will say no."

He stated further that you would have to know ANDREWS and realize that ANDREWS ran a sort of "Damon Runyan" operation and that his clients were mostly pimps, homosexuals, prostitutes or hustlers from Bourbon Street.

DAVIS stated that he saw LEE HARVEY OSWALD in ANDREWS' office in the Maison Blanche building. He said that OSWALD was in the company of 4 or 5 other individuals at that 2 or 3 of these individuals were of Cuban or Mexican extraction. He stated that OSWALD was merely one in the group of characters that came in together. He stated he did not know any of the other persons. DAVIS stated that shortly thereafter ANDREWS asked him, DAVIS, about procedures in handling a court martial as he would know being a retired 1st Sgt. of the Army. He stated that ANDREWS wanted to correct a dishonorable discharge for OSWALD.

When questioned if he knew CLAY BERTRAND, DAVIS stated no. He stated that he had heard the name CLAY BERTRAND. When asked specifically if he knew CLAY BERTRAND as CLAY SHAW, he became nervous and stated he did not. When asked if he had seen CLAY BERTRAND, he stated he did not remember if he did or did not see him.

He stated that the name CLAY BERTRAND is very familiar to him. He stated that shortly before Oswald's death while ANDREWS was at the Hotel Dieu, he, DAVIS, had entered ANDREWS' room and ANDREWS told him that he, ANDREWS, might be going to Dallas. According to DAVIS, ANDREWS was on the phone talking to EVE SPRINGER, and instructed her to get a file for him.

DAVIS stated that ANDREWS was under some kind of sedation at the time he was in the hospital. He also advised that he has been giving this CLAY BERTRAND a lot of thought and wondered if DEAN could have meant something like "ROBERT TRAHAN" or "BERT TRAHAN". However when asked specifically if he had ever heard the name CLAY BERTRAND, he advised that the name is very familiar to him.

DAVIS stated that when ANDREWS got back from the hospital, he found that someone had broken into his office and gone through his files, however nothing of value was taken. He stated that believes ANDREWS opened a file on the OSWALD case, however he does not know if the file or file number is available. He stated that the secretary only knew about 20% of what DEAN was doing.

DAVIS stated he saw OSWALD around the time OSWALD was having trouble at the Trade Mart. He stated he believes this was around the time OSWALD was arrested and charged in Municipal Court. He stated that ANDREWS did not represent OSWALD, But that ANDREWS did give OSWALD some type of legal advice regarding the charges pending against him.


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