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Oliver Stone's JFK and the Jim Garrison Case
John F. Kennedy Assassination
John F. Kennedy Presidency
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"Best of the Net"

Site Link Description
The Kennedy Assassination Home Page A well-designed site in support of the "official version," including articles debunking numerous conspiracy theories that richly deserve to be debunked
The Warren Commission Report The complete text of the Warren Report online
Report of the Select Committee on Assassinations The complete report of the U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee that reinvestigated the crime in the 1970s
History Matters A massive database of assassination-related government reports, transcripts and documents (including the complete, published records of the Warren Commission and House committee), plus articles and more
Mary Ferrell Foundation Another huge repository of assassination-related government reports, documents and other resources
Assassination Archives and Record Center (AARC) More resources and documents online
Political Science Seminar: The JFK Assassination The Web site for Kenneth Rahn's University of Rhode Island course on the assassination, including a comprehensive selection of reading materials on various sides of the issue
JFK/Lancer The premier conspiracy-oriented JFK site, with a variety of articles and resources for students
City of Dallas Archives: John F. Kennedy Collection A great idea in action: documents on the assassination for online viewing and downloading
John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage Ralph Schuster's site has the Warren Commission Report and Hearings, articles, and more
Attention to Details Clint Bradford's site has hundreds of conspiracy-oriented articles and documents, mostly in zipped files to download. You can also find comprehensive coverage of the Zavada Report on the Zapruder film, a chat room and more
The Nook of Eclectic Inquiry A site with numerous research aids, as well as a number of assassination-related documents and eyewitness testimony
The Kennedy Assassination: 40 Years Later Numerous resources including a transcript of the landmark PBS documentary, Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
World Wide Weberman A. J. Weberman's valuable conspiracy Web site -- definitely not for "Three Tramps" theorists only!
JFK Assassination Resources Dale Myers' site has information on his video Secrets of a Homicide and his book With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Murder of Officer J. D. Tippit, as well as an article or two
J. D. Tippit Home Page Myers's site on the officer gunned down on November 22, 1963
The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza General information on the museum and related topics
The President John F. Kennedy Records Collection How to search for and order documents from the National Archives
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On Oliver Stone's JFK
and the Jim Garrison Case

Site Link Description
Oliver Stone's JFK My page on Stone's film, including The Cast: In Their Own Words, a detailed analysis of the movie, and more
JFK The entire shooting script of Stone's film
On the Set: Dallas in Wonderland Journalist George Lardner, Jr., on Stone's film
Stone's JFK: A Higher Truth? Stone responds to Lardner
Or Just a Sloppy Mess? Lardner responds to Stone's response
Tom Wicker on JFK Wicker's New York Times article of December 15, 1991
The Assassination Goes Hollywood A concise examination of how Oliver Stone's film treats the historical record
The Second Coming of Jim Garrison Edward Jay Epstein, author of Inquest, separates fact from fiction in Stone's movie
The Jim Garrison Investigation Numerous articles and resources on the Garrison probe that inspired JFK, including New Orleans Grand Jury testimony and the Clay Shaw trial transcript
The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site A site dedicated to the real-life inspiration for "X," JFK's behind-the-scenes mystery man. Features Real Audio clips of Prouty as well as the man who served as Stone's protagonist, Jim Garrison himself
L. Fletcher Prouty -- All-Purpose Kennedy Assassination Expert? A critical look at Mr. "X" and the various claims he has made
Jim Garrison and New Orleans Articles on the Garrison case as well as crucial documents from Jim Garrison's own files and the Clay Shaw trial transcript
Echoes of Conspiracy Longtime JFK assassination researcher Paul Hoch discusses concerns about the film prior to its release
Vietnam War: The JFK Assassination Context A critical look at Oliver Stone's claims, with links to key government documents
Was Kennedy Planning to Pull out of Vietnam? Robert F. Kennedy speaks about his brother's intentions
JFK: Oliver Stone and the Vietnam War Historian Stanley Karnow evaluates Stone's claims
JFK and Vietnam Noam Chomsky on a subject that lies at the heart of Stone's film
The Assassination Context A number of articles and resources lending some perspective to the assassination inquiry
JFK: Special Edition Director's Cut JFK assassination researcher Tracy Parnell reviews the newest DVD edition of JFK
Who Is Jim DiEugenio? Oliver Stone turned to Garrison advocate Jim DiEugenio to provide his new DVD with narration on the "facts" of the case. How reliable a scholar is DiEugenio?
What Is One to Make of Jim DiEugenio? Emmy-winning researcher Dale Myers weighs in
Dan Moldea on Jim DiEugenio Longtime investigative journalist Dan Moldea is another writer proclaimed by Jim DiEugenio to be secretly in the service of the CIA
Dan E. Moldea Moldea's website, featuring articles on politics, conspiracy theories, and true crime
Real History Archives Onetime New Orleans DA Jim Garrison has his defenders, one of whom is Lisa Pease, former editor (with Jim DiEugenio) of the now-defunct Probe
Oliver Stone: JFK Numerous reviews of Oliver Stone's movie
Oliver Stone: Our Greatest Film Director This site's title pretty much says it all. Includes a number of interesting links
JFK Scholars Page A handful of articles from journalist Art Kevin, including an article on Kevin's first-hand experience with Jim Garrison
The Paranoid Style Daniel Patrick Moynihan comments on Stone's film
Epitaph for Jim Garrison: Romancing the Assassination Edward Jay Epstein's eulogy for Big Jim
The Garrison Case A brief article on the Garrison investigation
Adventures in Propinquity: The Case of Jim Garrison A pro-Garrison site
Clay Shaw A site in progress concerning Garrison suspect Clay Shaw
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John F. Kennedy Assassination

Site Link Description
JFK Online My own JFK site, with eyewitness statements, testimony from the Clay Shaw trial, articles and more
alt.assassination.jfk Information on Usenet's moderated JFK assassination forum
JFK Assassination Forum Still another conspiracy-oriented Web forum
Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board Release the files! the American people cried. Read about what resulted
JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly Features a number of excellent free articles from Walt Brown's quarterly journal
Dave Perry's JFK Assassination Pages A number of excellent articles on the research community and several notorious conspiracy hoaxes
Washington Decoded Max Holland's political site, featuring a number of articles on the assassination
The Harold Weisberg Archive Research files and unpublished manuscripts from the man many consider the "dean" of assassination researchers
Baylor University JFK Materials Online files from numerous assassination researchers
JFKfacts Journalist Jefferon Morley's blog
Edward Jay Epstein's Home Page The official site of the author of Inquest, Legend, and more
Fair Play A now-defunct conspiracy-oriented Webzine -- patchy, but with some worthwhile material
JFK Ballistics A site devoted to dispelling myths about the murder weapon
NOVEMBER 22, 1963 --- A LONE-ASSASSIN VIEWPOINT Numerous essays by researcher David Von Pein
Texas Monthly's JFK: Dealey Plaza Revisited Some assassination basics from this Lone Star publication
The Houston Chronicle: JFK 35th Anniversary Another Texas publication looks back at the assassination
Assassination Agnostic Links and commentary on a variety of subjects
Chad Zimmerman's JFK Assassination Research Page Research articles and commentary on conspiracy theories
JFK Accountability Conspiracy-oriented articles
The Little JFK Page on the Prairie Analysis of the shots apparent in the Zapruder film
Probable Cause Online Many online articles from this defunct Australian journal. The material varies widely in quality, but some is quite worthwhile
Assassination of JFK: Index, Biography, Bibliography Conspiracy-oriented research resources, Web forum and links
Reclaiming History? Or Re-framing Oswald? Critiques of Vincent Bugliosi's anti-conspiracy book, Reclaiming History
Carcano Homepage: Italian Military Rifles and Carbines Alexander Eichener's informative page on the Carcano rifle, including some data on the Oswald rifle
The JFK Conspiracy Conspiracy-oriented articles and resources on the JFK, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations and other topics
The Dealey Plaza Remote Observatory See Dealey Plaza from the point of view of key witnesses in this computer simulation
Gordon Winslow's Cuban Archives A variety of articles and resources related to the assassination's alleged anti-Castro Cuban connection
Dealey Plaza UK Articles from a British group of researchers
John Wassell's Website Some interesting articles and assorted items
Dealey Plaza UK Articles from a British group of researchers
Barry Krusch Archive Downloadable files, including out of print books on the assassination Archive Archived articles from a defunct website Download a free conspiracy e-book, The Top Secret Second Autopsy of President John F. Kennedy, in Adobe PDF format (warning: features graphic autopsy photos)
Index of Photographers A guide to online photographs and films related to the assassination
Assassination Research A subscription-only online journal for "advanced" conspiracy research
The Corsican Connection Some information on a theory espoused in the documentary, The Men Who Killed Kennedy
Nigel Turner's The Men Who Killed Kennedy A brief update on the "Corsican connection" and other theories
Paperless Archives A site selling a CD-ROM of declassified documents on JFK, plus dozens more collections of government files on a number of other subjects
The Missing Chapter: Lee Harvey Oswald in the Far East Little-known information on Oswald's military service The home page of Jim Marrs, author of Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy
Mel Ayton Articles challenging the conspiracy theories from this UK author
The Posner File The Web site for the author of Case Closed, featuring a handful of articles
The Assassination Web The premier anti-Posner Web site
The Kennedy Assassination Information Center Michael Russ's site, featuring a wealth of research resources and eyewitness testimony, plus articles defending Posner
The Case for the Lone Nut John Locke tackles Frequently Asked Questions from the point of view that Lee Harvey Oswald was JFK's lone assassin
Assassination Science Jim Fetzer's site, with some pro-conspiracy articles and Posner critiques
Assassinated Science A Joe Durnavich article on some "Assassination Science" claims
JFKMURDER.COM: The Official Robert Groden Home Page Information on ordering books and videos from this longtime researcher.
Stretcher Bullet Pictures Photos and discussion of the bullet that allegedly struck JFK and Governor John Connally
Photographic Analysis of CE 399 A counter-argument to that made above
JFKLINK An Australian site with a few articles and other resources, including diagrams of alleged "links" between suspects and/or witnesses
A Brother's Burden A rare interview with Robert Oswald
The JFK History Page A case for conspiracy
Presidents Who Cheat: It's Nothing New An interview with Madeleine Duncan Brown, alleged mistress of Lyndon B. Johnson
Texas in the Imagination Dave Perry's research into Madeleine Brown's claims
"Harvey and Lee" A site dedicated to John Armstrong's theory of a longtime Lee Harvey Oswald impostor
The Lee Harvey Oswald Research Site Tracy Parnell's site, with articles and resources on both sides of the conspiracy argument, with several articles critiquing John Armstrong's theory, plus articles on the media and the assassination by Jerry Organ
Dealey Plaza Virtual Visitor Visit a virtual Dealey Plaza with your Quicktime viewer
The Puzzle Palace Anthony Marsh's site focusing on Oswald's visit to Mexico City, with articles and resources on other issues as well
Michael Griffith's JFK Home Page A number of pro-conspiracy articles
Linkin' Kennedy An examination of the "Lincoln and Kennedy" coincidences
Kennedy Assassination Research Jerry McLeer's conspiracy-oriented site
Reopen JFK Case A defunct site with conspiracy-oriented articles
Reopen JFK Case A new version of the above
Dave W. Reese's JFK Page A photo tour of Dallas assassination sites and lots of links
The Paper Trail Articles on the assassination and many other subjects
Presidential Limousine SS100X Pamela McElwain-Brown's site on the limousine and related issues
Men of Courage Don Roberdeau's site
Robin Unger's JFK Assassination Research Photo Gallery Many high-quality photographs relating to the assassination
John F. Kennedy Memorial Page All sorts of information on JFK, the assassination, Jackie, RFK, and related topics
JFK's Head Wounds Evidence and analysis related to JFK's head wound by researcher Paul Seaton
JFK: History of the Conspiracy Theories A brief outline of JFK theories
The Site of Bruce Campbell Adamson Conspiracy paranoia meets genealogy
JFKcountercoup Bill Kelly's conspiracy-oriented blog
The Last Hurrah Bookshop A good place to look for that hard-to-find book or periodical
Hypnosis Institute of Texas An advertisement for a videotaped interview with assassination eyewitness Marilyn Sitzman (Abraham Zapruder's secretary)
JFK Murder Solved Read about James Files, the latest in a long line of conspirators to "confess"
The Assassin from Blockbuster Video Some examples of why practically no one believes James Files
Dr. Mary's Monkey Ed Haslam's site linking the JFK assassination to "emerging global epidemics" Haslam's website for his key witness, Judyth Vary Baker, who also claims to have been Lee Oswald's secret mistress
Judyth Vary Baker Some examples of why practically no one takes Judyth seriously
Probe Magazine A conspiracy site with numerous articles
JFK Books and Rare Out-of-Print Books A site where you can download unauthorized PDF files of numerous conspiracy-oriented books and other resources
40th Anniversary of JFK Assassination View C-Span's anniversary coverage in streaming video
The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy: There Never Was a Camelot Court TV's Crime Library looks at the assassination
The Kennedy Assassination in the Age of Open Secrets The Review Board's Kermit Hall speaks about government secrecy
Lee Harvey Oswald Photo Gallery A batch of photos of the accused assassin
The JFK Page A conspiracy scenario with photos and sound files
Orion and Dealey Plaza: How JFK Was Killed Truly one of the most unique crackpot theories I have encountered on the Net
National Security Agency (NSA) Document Releases Online declassified NSA documents
DiNardo Website Includes numerous transcripts of interviews with prominent authors of assassination-related books
JFK Assassination Some interesting articles from Grover Proctor
The Men on the Sixth Floor A site with information on conspiracy theories involving LBJ crony Billie Sol Estes
Denis Morissette's JFK Page A number of interesting items from Denis' collection, including goverment documents and Denis' personal correspondence with assassination-related figures
Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal The semi-legendary "Torbitt Document," a largely unsourced and occasionally plain fictional manuscript by "William Torbitt," attorney David Copeland (who counted among his clients longtime conspiracy rumormonger Penn Jones, Jr.)
Dark Corners Allan Eaglesham's Web site, including information on the death of Bethesda employee William Bruce Pitzer
Dallas Still Remembers A brief article on the 33rd anniversary of the assassination at Dealey Plaza
Kennedy and Beyond Richard Vizzuti's conspiracy site, featuring theories on the "three tramps" and more
PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader JFK, mind control, UFOs, etc.
The Smoking Gun: A Dark Day in Dallas Documents, press coverage of the assassination and more
The Konformist -- Justice for JFK Is Robert Morningstar a genius or a crackpot? You decide
Dirty Politics: Nixon, Watergate, and the JFK Assassination Mark Edwards links Tricky Dick to the crime
Alternative Reconstruction of the JFK Assassination An advertisement for a book that postulates that JFK's limo was rigged with an arsenal of guns. It could happen
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John F. Kennedy Presidency

Site Link Description
JFK 50 Audio clips and other resources relating to JFK's career, presidency and assassination
The JFK Sounds and Video Page Nemerous audio and video clips
The John F. Kennedy Library & Museum Home Page Many information resources on our 35th President
St. John the Liberal? Historian Eric Paddon takes a critical look at JFK's legacy
Historical Text Archive Documents, articles and e-books
The National Security Archive Resources on JFK, the Cuban Missile Crisis and much more
The Avalon Project: Cuban Missile Crisis An outstanding archive of source documents for serious scholars
History and Politics Out Loud Audio resources on a wide variety of material, including JFK
The History Place Resources on the Kennedy presidency
The Plots to Kill Castro Edward Jay Epstein's June 2000 article from George magazine
The Internet Public Library: John F. Kennedy An excellent archive of JFK biographies, speeches and multimedia links
The Presidents of the United States of America Links to bios and other resources on the U.S. Presidents
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Critical Thinking

Site Link Description
Introduction to Critical Thinking Ken Rahn's articles on critical thinking and the JFK case The Skeptics Society and Skeptic Magazine Magazine and society promoting scientific and critical thinking while debunking pseudoscientific claims
The Skeptic's Dictionary "A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions"
How Thinking Goes Wrong An illuminating article by Michael Shermer
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal Lots of online articles casting a skeptical glance at paranormal and fringe claims
JFK at the Fringe of Reason My own essay on what JFK conspiracy theories have in common with pseudoscientific and paranormal claims
A Field Guide to Critical Thinking A succinct article by James Lett
Fallacies Concise definitions from Dr. Michael C. Labossiere
Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies Another good summary of common logical failings
Logic Lessons A step-by-step primer on critical thinking
Chip Berlet Critical analyses of conspiracy theories and movements past and present
RationalWiki "Analyzing and refuting pseudoscience and the anti-science movement," "Documenting the full range of crank ideas," and more
Doubtful News Topics related to science and society, science policy, and education
Clavius Moon Base A site debunking "Apollo moon landing hoax" conspiracy theories, with food for thought for JFK theorists
Realms of Reason and Unreason An introduction to common fallacies, using pseudoscientific literature as examples
Critical Thinking on the Web Tim van Gelder's legion of links
Basic Conspiracism 101 Political Research Associates' page evaluating the worldview of conspiracy theorists
Purpose of Conspiracy Theories A blunt assessment of the conspiratorial point of view
Among the Truthers Jonathan Kay's blog "devoted to the analysis of conspiracy theories and the people who believe them"
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