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Clay Shaw

It took a jury less than an hour to acquit Garrison's prime suspect, Clay Shaw (Tommy Lee Jones in Oliver Stone's JFK).



Clay Shaw in the 1950s



Though it's been alleged to depict Clay Shaw with David Ferrie, this Miles De Russey snapshot from Mardi Gras 1949 actually features, from left to right, New Orleans dentist J. Mofield Roberts, interior decorator Archie Bland, and (in makeshift mop wigs) Clay Shaw and real estate agent Arthur Jefferson (Jeff) Biddison. (In 1949, David Ferrie had not yet even moved to New Orleans.)



Another 1949 Miles De Russey photo (below), this was taken at the home of Wynn Pearce and is another picture often claimed to show Clay Shaw with David Ferrie. However, the "Ferrie" figure is actually WDSU broadcaster Robert Brannon.

Left to right: unidentified man, Robert Brannon (in overcoat), Fritz Paul, Clay Shaw, Jeff Biddison and party host Wynn Pearce (kneeling). Print courtesy of David Blackburst.


Patricia Lambert writes: "Both Garrison and Shaw's attorneys investigated the pictures and Robert Brannon, who died in 1962, was positively identified by Mrs. Lawrence Fischer, who had been at the party, and Robert Cahlman, of Radio Station WYES, who knew Brannon well. Mrs. Fischer had in her possession some fourteen additional photographs from the party, as well as the one of the Brannon-Shaw group published May 12, 1967, in The Councilor. The pictures were taken around 1949 (before David Ferrie moved to New Orleans) at a party given by a Tulane University student. Jeff Biddison was shown the 'Ferrie' picture by a Garrison aide 'about the time' of the preliminary hearing (March 1967) and Mr. and Mrs. Fischer were interviewed by Garrison's investigator sometime prior to May 23, 1967 (report on 'Citizens' Council Newspaper The [Councilor],' regarding investigation conducted May 18, 19, and 23, 1967, on behalf of Shaw's attorneys; memo, 're Bob Brannon,' by 'CLS' [Shaw], undated)." (Patricia Lambert, False Witness [New York: M. Evans and Co., 1998], p. 328 fn. 18.)


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