Jim Garrison's New Orleans Photo Gallery



Jack Martin

Edward Stewart Suggs, aka Jack S. Martin, was no Jack Lemmon, but without him, Jim Garrison's JFK probe would never have begun.









Gordon Novel

Garrison got plenty of mileage out of falsely branding Gordon Novel a fugitive from his JFK investigation. Privately, Garrison confided (to journalist Richard Billings) that Novel was merely a con artist, and had no connection to the assassination.



Kerry Thornley

Kerry Thornley was one of Lee Oswald's Marine buddies, and Garrison decided that he was also a conspirator. Big Jim sometimes claimed that Thornley had served as an Oswald "double," despite Thornley's obvious lack of resemblance to the accused assassin.



Edgar Eugene Bradley

Garrison indicted Edgar Eugene Bradley of California with conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy because of some accusatory letters received by Garrison in the mail. When informed of the charge, Bradley reportedly cried, "I shot who?"



Jim Garrison
Clay Shaw
David Ferrie

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